Brussels says it maintains active contacts with several countries about Open Arms Brussels says it maintains active contacts with several countries about Open Arms
Brussels says it maintains active contacts with several countries about Open Arms

There are several Member States “actively involved” in the contacts made by the EC on the situation of the ship of the Spanish NGO Open Arms, which has been in the central Mediterranean for 13 days waiting for a port to land 147 shipwrecked, he said Efe today a spokesman for the community Executive.

As these contacts continue and we welcome the fact that some Member States are actively involved in them, at this time we will not go into details about our exchanges with the countries, “the sources said.

In any case, they pointed out that France has already confirmed on its part that it is one of the countries that is in contact with the EC.

The European Commission insisted on Tuesday that it cannot do more for immigrants rescued at sea aboard the Open Arms as long as the countries of the European Union (EU) do not respond to their call for solidarity and propose a solution for landing or relocation of these people.

Community spokeswoman Vanessa Mock said then that the Commission continued “closely following” the situation in the Mediterranean and that it was in “close contact” with the Member States.

The NGO Open Arms, meanwhile, urged Europe on Wednesday to offer a safe harbor considering that a storm is approaching in the Mediterranean.

On the other hand, during today’s press conference of the Commission, community spokeswoman Tove Ernst commented on the latest figures provided Tuesday by Frontex, the European external borders agency.

According to that report, the arrivals of irregular immigrants to Europe amounted to 10,500 last July, 4% more than a month earlier, although in the first seven months of the year they were 54,300, almost 30% less than in 2018, mainly due to Descent of the crosses to Italy.


Ernst welcomed the arrival trend to continue “declining” and said the EC keeps a very careful follow-up of all routes, including that of the Western Balkans, which has suffered a rebound.

Spain collaborates with the European Commission and other member countries to achieve a common European solution to the situation of the ship of the NGO Open Arms that takes almost two weeks waiting for a safe harbor to disembark almost 150 immigrants.

This has been confirmed to Efe by government sources, who have stressed that the Government “hopes that a common European solution will be achieved” shortly and that “the Government is contributing to the European Commission and other countries to achieve it.”


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